True art is what we become when we abandon who we think we should be.

Lori’s Latest Work

All those years I spent trying to sound hip, trendy, or philosophical, when all I needed to do was tell the story!

Well, here it is. A real story. See for yourself—watch my music video, Thank God for Dogs!

Lori Nicholson

About Lori

For thirty years I was a keyboard player, guitarist, singer, and published songwriter. In 2011, at the age of fifty-two, I graduated valedictorian from Southern Connecticut State University. My education and bachelor’s degree in political science was inspired by my dog, Mr. Beebs, who’s also the reason I wrote my book, Mr. Beebs, and the tribute song, “Thank God for Dogs.”

Lori's Book

This is the story of Mr. Beebs, the dog who inspired a middle-aged woman to go back to college, run for state legislature, and start a non-profit organization for pet owners. Coming soon Mr. Beebs: One Dog...One Woman...One Mission.

Huey Lewis said, “That’s the power of love.” I say, That’s the power of a dog.

Lori’s Music

I wish my grandmother had lived to see the impact her twenty-five-dollar purchase would have on my life, but she died at the age of fifty-four, when I was only twelve years old. She had no way of knowing that the old upright piano she bought for me at a local tag sale would take me around the world.


My new song, "Thank God for Dogs," is now available for purchase!

Believe it or not, my next song is about a particular dog... and like a million other people, I am crazy for dogs.


Mr. Beebs was the kind of friend that comes around once in a lifetime. He stood by me when no one else could or would. In honor of Mr. Beebs, I founded a non-profit called Bark To Be Heard, which lobbies for the rights of pets and their owners.