Current Release (2018): Thank God for Dogs
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This song is a tribute to all dogs, and is dedicated to Mr. Beebs, the dog who inspired me to start a pet owners non profit called Bark To Be Heard. Released 2018

When my Mom passed away, and left my dad without a partner after sixty–one years of marriage, I watched his rescue dog Princess, go to work. Glued to his side and on his lap, kissing away his tears, she made it her business to get him through the loneliest time in his life. Then, during a visit to Walter Reed Medical Center, I saw a wounded soldier holding a leash and attached to that leash was a teeny tiny service dog, that soldier’s life line back to sanity. It was profound to witness the power to heal, coming from such a small creature. That’s when I decided that only God could’ve created a dog. Thank God for Dogs was inspired by real life and real love. Where would we be without these beautiful animals?

Title: State of Being
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Hmmmm after years in the music business I must say I’m very happy. Its afforded me the opportunity of traveling the whole world and making friends all over creation. I feel very lucky to have done what I loved and earned a living doing it. That is a blessing.I can only hope to be a positive force in the world today. Money and fame aren’t important to me anymore. Being true to myself, evolving spiritually is. I hope I will make you feel good when you listen to these songs. My favorite in One, because of the lyrics and the passion in it. I take nothing for granted.

I wish my grandmother had lived, to see the impact her twenty-five-dollar purchase would have on my life, but she died at the age of fifty-four, when I was only twelve years old. She had no way of knowing, that the old upright piano she bought for me at a local tag sale would take me around the world.

It was 1981, and I was the keyboard player in an all-woman rock band. Our first big gig was a USO Tour of the Far East, and our first stop, the Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier, which was stationed in the middle of the Indian Ocean. There we were five single women performing for five thousand lonely sailors at sea…it was just horrible! Oh, how we suffered. A week later, we were sent up to the DMZ to entertain the troops in Korea. We drove to Panmunjom in a truce vehicle, complete with bullet proof door panels and sporting little white flags. As I was taking in the scenery, I noticed that there were North Koreans soldiers pointing their guns at us from the nearby trees. I wanted to yell, “Please don’t shoot me, I’m just the piano player!”

By the 1990’s, I had already spent time in Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and decided it was time for a real challenge, so I moved to Manhattan. Some of my gigs were located in neighborhoods as dangerous as Beirut. I had to put “the club” on my steering wheel to protect the car from being stolen, and then run a 5/8 inch thick chain through my hood and trunk, and then secure both of them with a padlock. Lucky I had small hands that could reach into such a small opening.  It was the only way I could keep everything else from disappearing, including the engine.  Yet even with all the drama I managed to record an album called “State of Being” which is still on CD Baby under my maiden name Lori Fogler.  It was recorded at Unique Recording Studios, which during its heyday, was the birth place of many a great 90’s star. My song, “The Water” landed on several European compilations and got picked up by Romanian internet radio! If you like early 90’s, and many people still do, this album is for you. After ten years of big city living which included, several muggings, shoot outs, crazies galore, bank robbers hiding out in my building,  and swat teams in the elevators, I decided to move back to Connecticut and watch the grass grow.

The twenty first century arrived, and with it, my “first” husband, and hopefully my last.  I was forty-seven years old! Tim told me during our first date that he was going to “bare his ass to the rigging” and being the visual type, I was intrigued. Three years later, we got married, and two years after that, I went back to college because “my dog lost his leg to an antibiotic resistant bacteria.” So this professional musician abandoned her former life, and became a political science major. Twelve years later, and things have come full circle. I’m back at the piano and telling our story through music. I have loved two things in my life, music and animals, and now the two passions are one. Please, check out that combination in my song, Thank God for Dogs.