Mr. Beebs, was a little boxer puppy who came into my life just as my boyfriend left me and my body changed at 39 making child bearing a thing of the past. I had always dreamed of being a mom. The puppy witnessed my loss with solemn devotion, as he did every other up and down that came our way for the next twelve years. When I got married for the first time in 2008, Mr. Beebs was my ring-bearer. He had seen love come and go while he remained. A year later, my boy and me took our last car ride together, and that was the day a beautiful chapter in our lives ended. This song is that story, it’s about a friend who is present and caring, who offers no advice or lectures, no judgment or praise…they just bear witness, and they let you be. That was Mr. Beebs. This is a sample of the new chorus as though written from his perspective:

Whether you’re rich or if you’re poor, if you stand or if you fall

I will bear witness to it all

As a youth without a care, or in your rocking chair,

I’ll be there…right next to you

The best material comes from real life…and a good song is just a good story.